Beginner’s Guide to Marijuana

Cannabis 101: Everything You Need to Know About Weed

Even if it’s your first time smoking, or you’re only looking to get caught up on new innovative weed strains (like dabs, vape pens, edibles or topicals), we have got you covered. Our budtenders have put together some words for marijuana’s benefits, how to use it to meet your needs, and whats safe for you to try at baby stages.

Why Consume Marijuana?

People use marijuana to heal, boost creativity, relax, inspire, socialize, energize and improve focus. It’s an affordable and natural way to maintain balance between your body’s essential functions like eating, sleeping, and healing.

Daily activities made better

Using marijuana enhances, excites, and elevates your everyday routine—even already pleasurable activities like relaxing or exercising.


Boost Creativity

The ultimate muse: Free your imagination and look at things with a new and refreshed perspective.


Uplift Your Mood

Cannabis increases focus, boosts creativity, keeps you going all day, with an energetic, cerebral buzz.



Weed provides body relaxation effect of Indica and cerebral euphoria, indicative of Sativa strains


Insomnia / Sleep

Insomnia is one of the most common reasons people seek marijuana as it can be a splendid sleep aid.


Amplify Music

The music enhancer: Close your eyes and go on a sonic adventure—find deeper connections with the lyrics and bob your head to the bass.


Watch Movies

The cinema cruiser: Enhances special effects, makes jokes funnier, and warps you into fantasy worlds—no surround sound needed.

Health Benefits of Marijuana

People use marijuana to heal both mind and body, due to its medicinal compounds called cannabinoids. The two most common compounds are THC and CBD, which have differing but complementary effects.


Chronic Pain

Medical marijuana is an increasingly popular alternative to traditional pain-relieving medications, including opioids.



Cannabis is often medically and recreationally used it for mood enhancement, effectively avoiding major depression.



Studies on cancer cells suggest that cannabinoids may either slow down the growth of or kill some types of cancer.


Muscle Spasms

The CBD and THC in marijuana work together to reduce muscle spasms, pain and inflammation, whileCBD oil reduces tremors.



Some people use CBD to lessen the intensity of migraines; other people use CBD to decrease the frequency of migraines.


Stress Relief

Cannabis acts on the same pathways in the brain as anandamide, which is known for giving you the feeling of bliss.

Types of Marijuana Strains

Marijuana comes in many varieties. We encourage you to discover and try all the many assortments and their related effects. Cannabis Hybrid, Cannabis Indica and Cannabis Sativa are the tree main varieties of the cannabis plant used as medicine each with a different cannabinoid profile and medicinal effect.

Indica Strains

Indica strains tend to be physically calming and relaxing and are great for suppressing pain. However, Indica plants have broader leaves, shorter flowering cycles, and are more adaptable to cooler climates with shorter grow seasons you can mail order marijuana Services

Sativa Strains

Sativa strains typically provide more uplifting, cerebral effects that pair well with physical activity, social events, and creativity. However, Sativa plants are taller in stature, have more narrow leaves, longer flowering cycles. So, they are better  for warm climates with long grow seasons too can order Marijuana Services

Hybrid Strains

Hybrid weed strains blend the genetics of both Sativa weed strains and Indica weed strains, adopting the traits and medical benefits of both parent strains. So, their properties are dependent on the its lineage. However, they can provide a pleasant balance for its users you can buy Marijuana Online

CBD Strains

CBD strains tend to treat inflammation and anxiety while also providing analgesic properties. However, CBD  plants tend to be more challenging to grow and prefer temperate environments with light and nutrient-rich growing you can buy Strawberry Kush Seeds Online